Hespeler Model Aviators

Hespeler Model Aviators welcomes new students and those wishing to learn to fly and get their "Wings". Our training program is patterned after the MAAC Wings Program and students are encouraged to see the MAAC web site for a more detailed description of the Wings Program.

Designated Instructors
The following individuals are designated instructors for HMA. Please feel free
to approach them at the field if you wish to arrange for instruction.

Wade Sears
Rick Solomon

Dale Lounsbury

John Einstein

Jim Corbett

​Nick Lanfrey

No Current Instructor

Training Aircraft
Students must provide their own suitable trainer aircraft and appropriate ground support equipment.  Although we welcome students who wish to receive help with flying Park Flyer types of airplanes, formal "Wings" testing is only conducted with eligible sized aircraft.

Eligible aircraft would be planes of generally accepted ".30 size" with wing spans of four feet or greater, weights over 3 pounds and may be gas or electric. The plane must be capable of being taxied to and from the pit area under control of the student. Hand launching is not allowed. "Foamies", aircraft smaller than described above or gliders are not suitable for wings testing.

If you are contemplating learning to fly, please consult any of our instructors before purchasing planes or equipment to ensure that what you acquire is suitable for training purposes. Larger sized trainers are generally easier to learn with and we can help you invest your money wisely to get the right trainer aircraft.

Students must present proof of MAAC membership and have paid their membership fees to HMA.

Training Program Details
Students are encouraged to contact the Chief Flight Instructors to receive more information about the levels of training and details concerning what is required for Wings testing.

Flight Simulators

There are several commercially available Flight Simulators that are compatible with most home computers.  They can be a valuable tool and help the learning curve considerably.  Here is an example.

Real Flight: